Net Zero or Net Hero: Accomplishments and Challenges

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, April 10 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

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Title: Net Zero or Net Hero: Accomplishments and Challenges


Progress and Future Visions in Net Zero Emissions Cruising: Leading our session, we assess our progress towards pursing net zero emissions by 2050. We explore emerging methods beyond traditional fuels and engines, examining innovative approaches and the use of data analytics and AI to shape our industry's future.

Ports/Destinations: Catalysts for Environmental Change. Exploring the critical role of ports & destinations, we discuss their efforts in green initiatives (Eco-Friendly Port Infrastructure), compliance with regulations, and visioning a sustainable future, emphasizing their essential role in our journey.

Well-being and Sustainability: This segment highlights how cruise companies, suppliers, and ports are integrating seafarer safety and well-being as well as Cruise Passenger awareness and participation (Community Empowerment Programs) into their sustainability plans, focusing on the human aspect of our green ambitions.

Carbon Points: A Novel Path to Net Zero?. Learn about Carbon Offset and Emission Reduction Programs that not only push sustainability forward but also enable the collection of carbon points, a strategic approach aiding in the pursuit of net zero goals.


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